"No three-ring-circus, no cheesy pictures. Promise!"

Jay's approach to wedding photography has its roots in his experience as a photojournalist at the Boston Globe and Denver Post and as photo editor at the Washington Post. On assignments ranging from NFL sidelines to Capitol Hill, and subjects including political leaders, business executives, academics and members of Congress, Jay learned to quickly adapt to any environment and capture images that stand out and have impact.

Whether photographing a bridal couple running through farm fields in Charlottesville, an intimate home wedding, or a 300-guest celebration in the city, Jay applies his years of experience, focused intuition, sensitivity and creative energy to capture moments of intimacy and excitement that will rock your world and bring tears to your mother's eyes.

At Premack Weddings, it’s all about capturing you just being yourself, in the most beautiful way possible. An invitation to document your wedding is like being given an all-access backstage pass. The best part is you don’t have to act like rock stars. Just be yourselves and have fun. You do what you do, I’ll do what I do. Unobtrusively. No three-ring-circus, no cheesy pictures. Promise! 

You may have seen Jay's work as a photojournalist in the following places:

• Washington Post • New York Times • Bloomberg News • Boston Globe • Politico • TIME Magazine • Washington Post Magazine