Julie and Jon are a sweet couple.  It's been so much fun getting to know them.  Julie is from Wisconsin and a Green Bay Packers fan.  Jon is from Maine and is a Patriots and Red Sox fan.  Being from Massachusetts, I am partial to Jon's teams, but I've always appreciated the die-hard nature of Packer's fans.

On their wedding day, Julie suggested that she and Jon greet each other before the ceremony.  Following tradition, they agreed not to see each other, so they met at a doorway and held hands.

With the exception of a quick rain shower that passed through before the ceremony, the day went as planned.  With the seats dried off and the clouds clearing the day progressed into a lovely outdoor ceremony.

A Micky Mouse hat sat on a seat in the second row to honor Julie's father who passed away.  The wedding rings were passed around during the ceremony to each of the guests to allow the people that have touched their lives to touch their rings.  I've seen couples do this a few times before and it's a nice way to include everyone

The day was punctuated with a beautiful full rainbow.  It was awesome.  It appeared as the three of us were off on the other side of the property for portraits.  We heard a collective cheer from all of the guests who were gathered for cocktails.

For the reception they assembled some outdoor lawn games including a neat set of glow in the dark bocci balls.  A pastry chef made fresh mini doughnuts.  They also included their cute bulldog Teddy on their Star Wars themed wedding cake.