Alie and Bret look at each other so intently, constantly doting on one another and are connected in a special way.

As the early afternoon quickly turned to dusk a steady stream of fluffy snow flakes started to fall.  By this time they and their guests were warm and dry inside the Meridian House. The snowfall is evident in a picture taken from the courtyard in the back as they spent a few minutes alone together admiring the winter scene during the cocktail hour.

Moments later, notes of La Vie En Rose began to sound from the bass and piano as the musicians rehearsed the french love song, and the couple began to dance - seemingly alone in the dining room moments before dinner was to be served. Taken by the intimacy of the moment, in her husband's arms, Alie began to tear up.

It was enough to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up - as if Edith Piaf were there personally serenading them - and it was perfectly fitting as Alie is a bit of a francophile, having spent time in Paris. It would explain their choice of a croquembouche in place of a traditional wedding cake and a reception venue that exemplifies 18th century French architecture.