Theresa and Alejo are the product of an office love story. They spent many innocent lunch hours spent together and it wasn’t until she was moving to Los Angeles for a new job that he was inspired to confess his feelings for her. She was shocked. What followed were nightly phone calls and an exchange of handmade gifts as their connection developed until a year later she moved back and they began dating.

Not too long after that Alejo resolved to ask her to marry him. They went on a hike, found a nice clearing where they sat down to rest and have a snack. He kissed her. She could feel his heart pounding. He managed to get out the words, “Marry me,” and, of course, she said yes.

Fast forward to the following spring in Charlottesville. Theresa stayed downtown spending a relaxing morning getting ready while Alejo, on the other hand, was freaking out as he scrambled to find a working shower. He was at his mother’s house where the night before a thunderstorm had torn through leaving the place without electricity or water. Luckily, everything began working again a few hours before the wedding. Alejo got to have his shower and the music and lights would work that night.

That afternoon they stood in front of their friends and family at Alejo’s mothers beautiful property, Viewmont Farm, and exchanged the vows they had written. Their close friend Jean-Pierre who is a writer and yoga instructor performed the ceremony. It was about as beautiful a spring wedding as any couple could hope for.